Cancellation, Refund, Charge and Payment Policy

  • Cancel any time in advance before service completion for FREE.
  • The Andii platform is made to be flexible, but we have some rules. First, it’s important to know that you can cancel any booking for free until the Service is marked as “completed”.
  • Once you as the “Customer” pass the completion “voucher code” unto the Service provider at completion, the Service can no longer be refunded.
  • As the “Service” provider it is your sole responsibility to get and activate the “Voucher Code” to mark the service as “Completed”. Failure to do these opens the Customer to request a refund after the Service is completed.


  • When a charge is refunded, the end customer will always be refunded the full amount of the charge.
  • If Seller Cancels: Total amount is Refunded to Customer
    If Customer Cancels:
    – Under 24hrs: Total amount is Refunded to Customer
    – After 24hrs: Deposit is forfeited, only “Price = Total – Deposit” is refunded
  • Refunds are processed to your bank immediately. Your will then receive the funds from a refund in your account approximately 5–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated. (This is an aspect of how the banking system works.)

Accounting for negative balances

  • Some actions, such as refunds and chargebacks, create negative transactions in a Stripe account. If at all possible, Stripe automatically offsets those against payments to ensure a positive Stripe balance.
  • As the Seller, Stripe assigns negative transactions to your account. For example, when charging your account, a refund or chargeback will come from your Stripe account.
  • Ultimate responsibility for negative balances depends upon you as the Seller a “Connected standalone account”.


  • There is a 5% and 10% fee associated with the service provider (Seller).
  • In all cases, these charges are paid directly to the “Seller/Service Provider”.
  • For example, if a “Customer” is charged $10 for a service booked. $1.59 will be deducted as application fees whilst $8.42 cents ($10 – $0.59 – $1) will be transferred to the “Sellers” account.